Aids in removing vehicles stuck in snow, mud, sand and ditches. Made from strong durable sling webbing with
attaching eyes on each end. The elastic effect of the webbing helps absorb shock and contraction aids in the
vehicle recovery.

Using slings at an angle can become deadly if that angle is not taken into consideration when selecting the
sling to be used. The tension on each leg of the sling is increased as the angle of lift, from horizontal,
decreases. It is most desirable for a sling to have a larger angle of lift, approaching 90°. Lifts with angles
of less than 30° from horizontal are not recommended. If you can measure the angle of lift or the length
and height of the sling as rigged, you can determine the properly rated sling for your lift.

Model: TS1802N - 2" 1 Ply Nylon                                                     Model: TS1802T - 2" 1 Ply Tuff-Edge                                                                                                  Model: TS1802D - 2" 1 Ply Poly                                                       Model: TS1802T - 2" 2 Ply Tuff-Edge                                                                                                   Model: TS2802N - 2" 2 Ply Nylon
Model: TS2802D - 2" 2 Ply Poly